Dental Marketing Services

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Websites that are branded and customized for your practice.

Make a good first impression and tell your practice’s story.

Did you know that 80% of people prefer watching a video over reading text

Build an emotional connection with your patients through video.

Present your brand with Lasso’s in-office photoshoot

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, why are you using stock photos?


Attract new patients by dominating your local search engine results.


Rank #1 for the keywords and keyphrases most important to your business.


Integrates with your Practice Management Software to Deliver REAL Patient Data and ROI

ROI Dashboard

Tired of complicated analytics reports?
Learn how Lasso can help you lower your patient acquisition costs.




What does Annual Video & Photo Shoot mean?

Content is the fuel that powers your new patient acquisition strategy. This is what allows us to create authentic & engaging marketing campaigns. Each year you continue working with us, we will come back out to practice for another video & photo shoot (determined by clients package) and also redesign your website at no additional cost!

Do I own the website?

Yes! You own anything and everything we create for you. This includes the website, video, photo, design or text assets we have created for you

Is there a contract?

Yes, we require a 1-year agreement for all of our plans. This is what allows us to offer our plans with no setup or additional fees.

What happens when I need to make changes to my website?

Every account has a singular point of contact who will assist you with any and all changes to your website. Most website edits have a 24-48 hour turnaround time.

How long does it take to get my marketing plan up and running?

On average, it takes 30-60 days to finish your website and any other content services included in our plans. This includes completion of in-office video and photo and final deliverables. We want to get your services live as soon as possible so you can start to realize the benefits of working with Lasso.

Can you help with the transition from my current provider?

Absolutely! This is something we have to do for almost every new account that comes on board. We will walk you through the process step-by-step to ensure a smooth transition.

What do I do if my software is not integration compatible? Is it still worth it?

Absolutely. Although our software shows you your ROI in real-time, just because you aren't able to use it doesn't mean we'll leave you hanging. During your quarterly business reviews, your single point of contact will help calculate your ROI so that you understand what Lasso is doing for you. Our marketing services will be 100% the same, there will just be an extra step to determining your exact ROI. You will also receive a $100 discount on any plan including our software services.

What is Lasso's annual website update promise?

Every year you remain a client of Lasso, we give you the option to completely redesign your website at no additional cost. With website styles and trends constantly changing, we always want our clients to have the latest and greatest in website design.