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Dental marketing solutions that will create predictable, repeatable, & measurable new patient revenue streams.

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All-in-One Marketing

"Their video marketing, website design, SEO and ROI Software is best in class... and it was a MUCH easier than I anticipated."

Dr. Mike Maroon
Practice Owner

1:1 Customer Support

Working with Lasso since 2020. Very responsive, creative, professional... We get so many leads from our website alone.

Dr. J Hayman
Practice Owner

Exceptional Value

"Great company using the latest in SEO... Custom websites, not cookie cutter... Highly recommend for the value and innovation."

Dr. Bryan Brenner
Practice Owner

The Future of Dental Marketing
fully-integrated end-to-end marketing solution

Start your journey with a website patients & Google will love!

We handle the nitty-gritty so you don't have to. Choose between a full custom website design or our RapidLaunch options. Either way, you will receive a website that provides the necessary foundation to rank on Google.

Establish your brand identity with creative design services.

Success with online marketing can only go so far without a brand that patients connect with. Let us take your image to the next level by creating a consistant brand message and voice across all marketing chanels.

Upgrade your online marketing with custom photos & videos.

Elevate your practice's image with our custom photos and videos. Our approach is straightforward, cost-effective, and designed for repetition. So much so, most clients opt-in for an annual content refresh.

Achieve new patient revenue goals with SEO, paid ads, & social.

Our game plan is simple: be transparent and be the best. We connect you with patients ready to invest in their dental health. Over 90% of our customers see a return on investment of 3X-5X in the first 12-months.

Schedule more leads and track ROI with lead management tools.

Skip the hassle of old-school analytics. Our ROI Dashboard and Lead CRM turn your front desk into scheduling pros, showing you the exact revenue from every marketing-qualified lead that books an appointment.

Give modern patients what they want: online scheduling systems.

You call the shots on available slots, while patients get the hassle-free scheduling they love. Over 70% of patients preferring online booking. Give patients what they crave and effortlessly boost your lead conversions.

Schedule a 15 minute discovery call today!

During this 15-minute call, we'll explore your needs, offer actionable insights, and determine if you will benefit from a full product demo.

Integrate Your Patient Database

Lasso MD Dental Marketing FAQ's

Why is Lasso MD the best dental marketing solution?

What sets Lasso MD apart is our unparalleled transparency and accountability in lead generation. We don't just bring you leads; we verify each one to see if it converts into an appointment and how much revenue you gain. It's a repeatable and predictable system that ensures you're not just getting traffic, but actual patients.

How much should a dental practice spend on marketing?

Investing in your practice's growth is non-negotiable. While the industry average hovers around 3-5%, we find those numbers don't always cut it. For organic marketing, expect to invest between $10,000 and $50,000 annually, depending on your market competition. When it comes to Paid Ads, it's not a one-size-fits-all budget. Depending on your practice's size and goals, you could be looking at an annual ad spend ranging from $15,000 to $250,000. The key is to find your ROI sweet spot and continue increasing budget until hitting diminishing returns.

What are the best ways to get new patients from Google?

Visibility is just the start; conversion is the game-changer. With Lasso MD, you get a blend of SEO, targeted Google Ads, and a website rich in custom content, photos, and videos. It's not just about attracting clicks; it's about turning those clicks into loyal patients.

Do I need to use custom photos and videos on my website?

Yes, and here's why: Custom visuals give potential patients a real, authentic look into your practice. Our elite team of photographers and videographers make it effortless to upgrade your online presence, setting you apart from competitors.

How can I check if my marketing company is worth the money?

With Lasso MD, you'll never be in the dark. Our ROI Dashboard and Patient Leads CRM offer real-time metrics that show exactly how your marketing efforts translate into patient revenue. No guesswork, just clear, actionable insights.