We Love Our Dental Partners 😻

Step into our San Diego HQ and you'll hear phrases like "pay it forward" and "play nicely with others." It's this ethos that has led us to collaborate and partner with the leaders of the dental industry.

Referral Program

A referral program that’s honest and conflict-free

We only work with partners who have a proven track record of creating a positive impact on the dental industry. Partners must have the proper qualifications, and be willing to have our team run an internal vetting process and reference checks. Our referral fees are transparent, standardized, and non-negotiable, ensuring fairness and deterring any unethical behavior.

Partner Referral Program

🔒 Limited roster of consultants and companies that we trust.

🎗️ Referral payments are equal to the referee's 1st month’s payment.

🏦 Payouts are made in incremental tiers (ie: every 5-10 referrals).

📉 Why? It's 75% cheaper than acquiring customers directly.

KOL Roster

Join our elite team of industry innovators.

We work closely with a handpicked group of Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) who are as committed as we are to pushing the dental industry forward. It's crucial that our KOLs align with our company's vision, product quality, and integrity-first ethos.

Educational Entity

Become our partner in promoting education.

Educational groups, associations, and events have been our favorite way to spread the word about Lasso MD. While we usually sponsor study clubs and classes, we sometimes go the extra mile by offering full media production for special events, boosting their future marketing efforts.

Vendor Partnership

Want to collaborate on dental solutions?

We're active participants in the dental industry and we love partnering with other vendors that offer exceptional products and services. If you think your company aligns with our values and goals, we'd be happy to explore potential collaborations.

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