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Photographers and Videographers, apply today and add reliable, consistent work opportunities to your freelance business.

We connect creators to paid gigs using simple, repeatable production workflows. No editing required!

What We Do

Unlock new lead sources and expand your freelance career with the Creator Network. We connect local creators to independent dentists and healthcare providers that are ready to work with you.

Tell the practice’s story through creative branding photography. Show off the team working together with patients and whatever creative ideas you have on the day.

Use your interview skills to generate authentic responses and your creative eye to capture stunning b-roll. We will create engaging video content to help the practice build trust within its community.


It’s free to join. Only accept the gigs that work with your availability.

Fast payments. Fair Rates.

We value our creators and pay fair market rates for your work. Get paid quickly when the work is complete. No questions asked.

No Editing Required

Our production workflows make it easy for our in-house editors to turn your raw files into great photos and videos. Simply upload the files and your work is done!

Free Training!

Understand our streamlined workflows and grow your own skillsets at the same time with helpful videos and resource guides.

Written Testimonials

Hybrid Creator
Wildomar, CA
Garrett Goerl

Since joining the Creator Network in 2020, I’ve been able to add over $10,000 in additional revenue to my business year over year. The team is awesome to work with and the days are super easy to shoot!

Stuart, FL
Lyndi Brook Jenkins

I have thankfully been able to work for The Creator Network on and off for the past two years. One Facebook post has lead to one of the best contracted companies I have had the blessing to work with. They’re super organized, on time, and have never late on a payment. I’ve even had the opportunity to meet the team behind the scenes and can truly now call them friends! They are creatives too and help you problem solve and listen to your feedback. They understand the creative side and advocate for you. I look forward to many more years of getting to do work with The Creator Network.

Why Creator Network?

The Creator Network by Lasso MD was founded by videographers and photographers that have spend years in the industry and have built this network with a Creator First approach. We want you to succeed at every gig and have built the systems and tools to help you do so.

Justin Ziebell

Hebron, CT

Sean Misa

Seattle, WA

Aj Campli

Denver, CO

Apply Today

To be considered for a position on our team, please submit an application. See steps below!



Submit an application with links to relevant work for our team to review.



If your application is approved, we will schedule a brief 1 on 1 meeting. Learn about us, our Content Day workflows and how to work with our clients!


Access The Network

The best part of the creator network? Work comes to you! Get access to our private job community. When our clients are ready to book, we will confirm a date with you and take care of the rest.

General FAQs

Who is Lasso MD?

Lasso MD is an all in one digital marketing company specializing in the local dental and healthcare provider sector, We grow independent practices owners businesses with websites, video marketing, SEO and software solution.

How much will I make?

On the low end, new photographers and videographers begin with a starting rate of $120/hr. Depending on your skill and time within the network, we pay as much as $200/hr.

Can I promote my own business at the shoot?

No, but there are commission incentives! While on a Lasso MD content day, you are ultimately a representative of Lasso MD. Therefore, you must not promote your personal brand by either wearing branded apparel etc. If our clients wish to access additional video services on top of what has been completed, let us know and we will get you back out!

What skills are needed?

Beyond an ability to create beautiful images, strong interpersonal skills and your ability to direct people are what we value in our creators.

How long are Content Days?

Our production workflows allocate 3 hours to photography and 5 hours for videography.

How do I upload and send files?

We strongly recommend using Dropbox or Google Drive with their native desktop app only. This is to ensure all files have been uploaded without interruption.

When can I get started?

On average we book anywhere from 5-10 shoots per week across the US and Canada. Once a shoot is ready to work, we will reach out to all creators in the respective state. Gigs are assigned on a first come first serve basis.

Videographers FAQs

What kind of videos will be made?

Every Content Day is centered around capturing four 2 camera Interviews using the questions we provide and picking up the b-roll to go with it. See examples above.

What kind of equipment do I need?

A minimum of 2 DSLR or Mirrorless cameras with tripods, lenses with a minimum f/stop of 2.8 or better,  1 keylight source, gimbal or monopod and an external lav mic (eg. Tascam DR10L or Zoom f2)

What technical/file requirements are there?

Rec 709 color. H.264 or h.265 codec. Minimum of 1080p resolution. All interviews to be shot in 24FPS and B-Roll in 60FPS. Manual white balance and exposure is preferred.

Photographers FAQs

What kind of photos will I be taking?

Branding and headshot photography is what we are looking for. See examples above.

What kind of equipment do I need?

1 full frame DSLR or Mirrorless camera capable of shooting RAW to dual card slots, off camera flash and lenses with a minimum f/stop of 2.8 or better.

What technical/file requirements are there?

RAW uncompressed or lossless compressed. Unculled delivery.